• Mike Haynes

    Heritage Management, International Development & Responsible Tourism Consultant

    20 years experience supporting sustainable tourism in great places

    • International Team Leader and Senior Tourism Advisor in Development Projects
    • Specialist in Myanmar, Heritage, Tourism, Training and Project Management
    • Researcher in Tourism Development
    • Lives by beautiful Inle Lake
  • About Me

    I'm a Heritage Management and Responsible Tourism Consultant, as well as an International Project Team Leader with clients including ITC, GIZ, ICIMOD, MIID, UNWTO, WWF and Fauna & Flora International on projects funded by SECO, BMZ, the EU, Danida, UNICEF, Government of Luxembourg, to mention a few.


    I'm also a researcher with Newcastle University where I have just completed my PhD in studying the relationships between development partners and tourism development policy in Myanmar, looking at destination management and visitor economy development. As part of this I have developed new project monitoring and evaluation tools, as well as a Destination Management Planning Model.

    In development terms, Myanmar is the tourism destination of the moment, despite various recent setbacks. The country is rapidly opening up after decades of military rule finally came to an end with the welcoming of the first civilian government in April 2016.


    My work in Myanmar has included regional governance, leading the development country's first Destination Management Plan in the Inle Lake Region, implementing GIZ's Shan State Tourism Development Project as well as value chain studies, product development and diversification and the promotion of heritage conservation.

    My journey in South East Asia began in Vietnam back in 2003 where I worked on a World Bank project to support sustainable tourism in Vietnam's Marine Protected Areas. Since then I've worked with dozens of clients across the broad area of tourism and development.


    As well as my work and research, I speak in conferences about responsible tourism and am on the advisory board for the new Myanmar Responsible Tourism Institute. I'm also a professional member of the Association for Heritage Interpretation and a member of the Mekong Tourism Advisory Group.

  • Projects and Clients

    Here are some of my past and present projects and clients in Myanmar

    ITC UN Trade Cluster Project in Shan State

    Product Development Specialist

    Back in 2013 when I worked on the tourism component for the Danu Self-Administrative Zone, it was clear that Ywangan Township would have great potential for rural tourism, especially as there was a new road to Mandalay under construction. Now the road is complete, and with just 2 hours drive to Mandalay, the region is opening up. Here I'm working with the International Trade Centre (as part of a larger UN Trust Fund Project) to promote rural, tea and coffee, and trekking tourism. The biggest market is domestic, and we're working with a local group of business leaders who have formed the new Ywangan Tourism Organisation.

    Strengthening the Inle Lake Management Authority

    Senior Technical Advisor and Team Leader

    Inle Lake is Myanmar's most famous and important cultural and natural heritage sites. Following on from my previous work on inclusive Destination Management Planning and development, I led my team on behalf of the UNDP to support the Shan State Government in the development of the Inle Lake Watershed Conservation Lay, and kickstart the formation of the Inle Lake Management Authority.

    Competitiveness through Sustainable Tourism Project in Vietnam

    Senior Tourism Planning Expert

    Vietnam's tourism industry continues to rapidly expand, this SECO-funded Project aims to improve the competitiveness of the tourism sector through promoting Sustainable Tourism practices throughout the country, but with specific focus on Ninh Binh, the central Tourism Belt, and the Mekong corridor between Ho Chi Min Chity, Can Tho, and Chau Doc.


    I developed the initial analysis and intervention plan of the tourism situation in Vietnam during the project's kick-off phase in 2018. Here I used the St Gallen Model for Tourism Destination Management to look at tourism corridors, and think or tourism - and recreation - in a different, complex and multi-level way.

    Private Sector Capacity Development - Tourism & Agriculture

    Senior Tourism Expert & Project Team Leader

    From 2015 to the end of 2018 with PEM Consult, under contract from GIZ/German Cooperation, I led a team of 4 national staff, and over 50 national and international experts in the field of capacity development of tourism and agriculture in Shan State. We focused on using tourism as a tool for economic development; leading development of private sector business associations; supporting wide-scale vocational training in development of Tea and Mango Value Chains with an emphasis on product upgrading and certification schemes and implementation of Local Economic Development methods.

    Destination Management Plan for the Inle Lake Region

    Senior Tourism Advisor & Team Leader

    Inle Lake and the surrounding region is Myanmar's most iconic and flagship destination, home to over 1 million people, diverse ethnic groups, a fragile environment and designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, ASEAN Heritage Park and Ramsar Wetland Site as well as an important cultural and natural heritage.


    In 2014 I lead a team of international & national experts to develop the Destination Management Plan for the Inle Lake Region: Myanmar's first Destination Management Plan, and continue to advocate for the sustainable and responsible of the region. Follow the links below for the document series:


    Destination Management Plan (EN) (Myanmar Language)

    Project Development Proposals for Inle Lake Region

    Options for a Destination Management Organisation for Inle Lake Region


    Private Sector Development Programme

    Sustainable Practices Consultant

    I designed a capacity building programme related to sustainable and responsible practices of tourism related businesses throughout Shan State, promoting the Manual in Sustainable Practices in the Hospitality Sector (Myanmar Version).


    Other materials we produced include housekeeping and kitchen training posters.

    Guidelines for Ecolodges in Myanmar

    Senior Tourism Specialist

    Ecolodges have a huge potential to bring sustainable tourism development to Myanmar, from rural through to urban settings.


    Here with ICIMOD, The Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, and the Myanmar Ministry for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, I led a consultation process with relevant Myanmar NGOs, Private Sector companies, and Ministries to finalise the Ecolodge Guidelines for businesses operating within Myanmar’s Protected Areas.


    Download the Guidelines here.

    Danu Trails Project

    Heritage Development Consultant

    I delivered Heritage Management training and guidance to the Danu Tourism Working Group to help develop tourism in the Danu Self Administrative Zone.


    Check out the website www.danutrails.strikingly.com

    Himalica Project

    Tourism Value Chain Analyst

    As part of ICIMOD's climate change adaptation programme (Himalica), I conducted an in-depth value chain study of the trekking and accommodation sector in Kalaw, Myanmar's leading trekking destination. Click below to download the study.

    Kalaw Trekking Value Chain Study


    Solar Power for Tourism Project


    Myanmar has less than 40% connectivity to any type of electricity grid. To support the development of Solar Power in Myanmar, I conducted an initial assessment to analyse potential market for solar investment. Follow the link below for more details.


    Solar Energy in Myanmar

    Danu Self Administrative Zone Development Plan

    Senior Tourism Specialist

    I lead the tourism development input into the Danu SAZ Development Plan, focusing on deepening of value chain involvement of host communities, and assessing the feasibility of Community Based Tourism initiatives in the zone.


    Download the plan here.

    Development Plan for Chin State

    Senior Tourism Specialist

    After a three week assessment in Chin State, Myanmar's poorest state, my team and I compiled the tourism assessment and recommendations for the Chin State Development Plan.


    Chin State Development Plan

    Chin State Tourism Assessment

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